Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day #5 of the 'Five Days of Free Tools'

What? You say I missed a day?  Well you got me...  I totally failed at blogging for five days straight and I apologize.  I still want to provide all of the information that I promised though so here it goes!

Toolset #5 - PERFORMANCE

This toolset consists of two programs which can help cleanup junk and temporary files (CCleaner) and a disk defragmentation tool that I found to be one of the fastest ones out there (Auslogics Disk Defragmenter).

Tool #1 Toolset #5 - Cleaner Tool - CCleaner

- CCleaner (or sometimes referred to as 'Crap Cleaner' as I've been told) is a simple tool that you run and it will go through and cleanup your temporary internet files, recycle bin, and any residue files related to installations that typically do not get cleaned up although they are no longer needed.

Tool #2 Toolset #5 - Disk Defragmenter - Auslogics Disk Defragmenter

- This has been my most recent acquisition as far as tools in my personal toolkit.  It has a wonderful graphic interface (especially considering Vista and Up doesn't have a graphical interface) so that you can get an idea of how badly fragmented your disk is.  It also provides a longer running defragmentation that attempts to optimize the location of the files that it is defragmenting.  This makes it so all of the files necessary to run one specific application (there can be many files involved) are all relatively close physically on the disk.  This cuts down on the amount of physical surface area that the disk must cover in order to collect all of the files to complete the operations.

There you have it, 'Five Days of Free Tools' (and it only took six days, WOW!).

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